Let’s say you wake up in the morning and you have an exam to do, but you already studied hard, and you probably don’t know how to get your body and mind ready for the test. Here are some of the tips to help you in doing just that.

Prepare the night before the test

  • Collect all your materials

Ensure that you prepare all your materials the night before you go to take the test. If you are going to use the pencils, ensure that you have sharpened them and that your Calculator is also charged.

  • Rest well

Most students tend to have a racing mind the night before the test, but you need to get to bed early to relax your mind. Sleep for about 8 hours so that you can wake up with a refreshed mind.

  • Set the alarm

You’ll run late in the morning if you failed to set your alarm. have some extra minutes so that you prepare enough and avoid feeling rushed.

Wake up your body and mind

  • Listen to Music

Try listening to music as you get ready for your exam or while in the car. If you have a playlist of all your favorite songs, you will have your body energized while listening to them.

  • Repeat the positive affirmations

It’s possible that you have prepared so hard for the test and that you are ready to face it. Ensure that you avoid all the negative talk because it will only demoralize you. Remind yourself that you can do this and try your best to finish up the examinations and score a good grade.

Put on the right attire

  • Dress in more layers

If the weather is warm, carry a sweater in case you find the room chilly. If the weather is cold, wear layer the cloth to remove some in case you feel hot during the test.

  • Wear comfortable clothes

Ensure that you keep your mind and body comfortable to help you minimize all the distractions of some of the external effects as you take your test. Avoid tight jeans or shorts that have got itchy tags.

  • Well, whatever makes you feel great

Put on something that makes you confident already to reveal the best of yourself. Ensure the clothing to choose will put you in the right mindset for the exam.

Eat a balanced breakfast

It doesn’t matter whether you are not a breakfast person, but it is essential to eat breakfast before sitting for a long test. Ensure that you have the necessary vitamins in your breakfast to help you feel energized. 

  • Make the meal you take well rounded

Hunger is a distraction, and you don’t need it, so ensure that you have a filling and healthy breakfast.

  • Eat a lot of cereal

Cereal is a great source of fiber and calcium, but it won’t keep you full for a lot of time. To manage that, ensure that you add some extra fruit like a banana or sliced strawberries. You can then add seeds or nuts to boost your protein and fat.

  • Don’t eat unhealthy foods

Avoid foods that have high fat and sodium content because they will make you feel sleepy. Avoid sugary and greasy foods which can upset your stomach.

Warm-up before the test 

  • Read a part of a publication or book

Reading will help you in relaxing and will also put some focus on your mind. The brain will now get into the reading mood, and it will also help it process information faster through visuals.

  • Stay away from material that is related to the test

Please do not go through concepts of mathematics or the theories before using them for your math test. You need to get your mind ready and stop doing anything related to that before you walk in for the test. 

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