Sociology always represents a crucial aspect in the wide scheme of academia. Therefore, you will find almost every university across the globe having a sociology program and department. However, many individuals might wonder why many people decide to pursue sociology as a course and why it proves desirable. It often gets considered a discipline that cannot lead to a definitive career like law, engineering, or medicine. As much as most college disciplines do not prove vocationally oriented, it should not keep students from pursuing the majors offered.

So why should you consider pursuing a degree in sociology at your favorite university? 

Reasons for Studying Sociology in College

Sociology as a discipline often has diverse benefits, but to understand why you need to pursue this discipline, consider the following:

  • Sociology proves a multifaceted and absorbing discipline that allows students to cover almost every subject; thus, sociology can cover other academic disciplines because most sociological issues often prove prominent in every life aspect. It, therefore, becomes crucial to look at your favorite university faculty to identify diverse teaching and research interest areas to comprehend the extent of variability in sociology.

Plenty of students elect to major in disciplines such as sociology because of their love for the discipline. Such a course often comes across as relevant to student’s lives besides tackling social issues that students face first-hand. However, for learners who lack direct experience with social issues canvassed in class, then the study of sociology assists them to comprehend the environment around them better besides understanding their lives.

  • Sociology as a study discipline equips learners with intangible and tangible skills. Tangible skills often include research skills and, by extension, the capacity to do data analysis. If you acquire quantitative data (statistics) analysis besides proficiency in statistical software, then you will have valuable tools to succeed in your career. Further, studies allude to better pay rates for careers and jobs involving quantitative skills besides proving more in demand than qualitative skills. However, this takes nothing away from qualitative analysis of data as such skills also prove crucial.
  • Some of the skills you can gain from studying sociology include marketable skills, analytical skills, critical thinking capacity, quantitative literacy besides statistical reasoning, marketable skills, research skills, etc. You can understand the following concepts via the study of sociology. You can understand why social diversity exists, why differential group outcomes and opportunities occur, the significance of social power and hierarchies in daily life.It also becomes possible to comprehend how groups and individuals get shaped by broader social forces. Additionally, you can understand social institution’s roles and comprehend your life in a better way. Here, you can recognize your circumstances and experiences and realize that you are not alone. Instead, you realize that these prove patterns in processes, habits, and opportunities, which lead to diversity when it comes to lived experiences.
  • Orientation of social justice. It becomes crucial to study and understand social problems and inequality challenges which result in motivation and desire to transform the society and make it better.


Sociology represents a crucial discipline in understanding everything around you and help you thrive in whatever career you decide to pursue.

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